TRANSPORT Checkpoint Student Service Venlo

A bicycle is a bare necessity when living here.
It is the most convenient, fastest and cheapest way of transportation.

Cashback offer on  bike:

Return your Gouden Leeuw bike
and get up to € 225,- back!

This Dutch Gouden Leeuw bike costs € 300,-
But, return the bike in good conditions when you leave and get cash back with your Checkpoint Card!

Refund after:
0,5 year: € 225,-
1 year: € 175,-
1,5 year: € 100,-
2-3 years: € 50,-

Interested? Mail to or visit our office.

gouden leeuw bike

Second hand

BUY and SELL your bike
at Checkpoint.

To BUY a second hand bike, just stop by our office and find the bike that you like. Of course you can take it for a spin to see how it feels.

If you are leaving Venlo, you might want to SELL your bike to us before you leave. We offer up to € 15,- for your bike, depending on the condition of your two-wheeler.


  1. Buy a decent bike. A second hand bike may be cheap, but could cost you more to maintain it.
  2. Get a good lock, or even better two. You don’t want your bike to get stolen