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Checkpoint Venlo Student Service
GARBAGE Checkpoint Student Service Venlo

Waste separation

If you live in Venlo you can separate your waste. It’s little effort, but makes a better environment. In every neighbourhood there are either underground container for your garbage, or you can put it beside the street at certain times.

Do not throw glass with the ‘rest’ waste, but throw in the glass container. You can find several around the city, often near supermarkets.

Paper is collected every month. Check Afvalkalender for the dates in your neighbourhood.
In the city center waste paper is collected every Tuesday. You can simply put it beside the road before  17h00.

Plastic, metal, drink containers (PMD)
PMD has to be thrown in the underground container with ‘PMD’ on it. Containers have to be empty, but do not need to be rinsed.

 ‘Rest’ waste
All other waste can be put in bags and thrown away. You can either do this in a grey container at your house, which is emptied every two weeks. If you live in a apartment building or in the city center, you can throw your rest waste in an undergound container.

For more information check the website of Gemeente Venlo.